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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Tracking - GPS Logbooks

I have been recommended another tracking app, described as a Black Box in an iPhone. GPS logbooks was originally designed for pilots to record flights live, which can then be viewed in realtime and full 3D using the Google earth plug-in in on your desktop.

Flights can also be edited and shared with the world on

It records altitude, heading and speed – you can also add comments and descriptions and more features are due to be added in the future.

It’s not only for pilots, it’s recommended for anybody who gets out there and wants to log their adventure – parachute jump, bungee jump, roller coaster ride, ski run, marathon, bike race, family drive, mountain climb and of course kite buggying!

I have tried it once, but somehow had managed to turn the GPS off on my iPhone! So it spent the whole session searching for satellites – but next time I’m out I will have another go. The results on the website look great with the tracks overlaid on Google earth.

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