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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Perfect Buggy Session...

What makes the perfect buggy session?

Is it about hitting a new speed PB?

Is it about how far you have traveled?

Is it about the perfect wind?

Or is there something else?

For me it's about the zone and getting into it!

The wind was by no means perfect, started off on the 3m until that drifted gently to the ground. Then out with the 5m, some times it was nicely powered and I was motoring - other times I was barely coasting and it was on and off like that all morning.

I didn't get close to my PB, I new it was unlikely when I had to pack the 3m Core away. There was a couple of times with the 5m Flow I thought this could be close, but it wasn't meant to be.

So I traveled further than I have done previously, but I was out there for three and a half hours and had a good length of the lake to play in.

What did it for me was there was nothing but the kite, buggy, lake and wind - all I thought about for those few hours was buggying, sliding, the wind. Alex a local kite boarder turned up after I had been down there an hour. Seeing those two kites highlighted against that perfect blue sky with a 3/4 moon between them was awesome.

Hitting those turns hard, sliding in a huge cloud of dust and ending up going backwards. Positioning the kite and buggy to get the most out the wind. Planning my course and when and where to turn.

No work, no "whats for dinner?", no "how much?", no list of jobs that need to be done...

Nothing but kite, buggy, wind...

The Zone!

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