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Friday, 23 March 2012

New PB!

I have had the day of work today so headed down to the Lake Walyungup as we had some decent easterly's forecast. I was down there and flying by 8.30 and it was a 3m kinda day - in fact at times the 3m Core was a bit over-powered.

I think I have now got a good feeling for this kite and am getting my confidence in flying it harder. There were a couple of times when my backside left the seat as I pushed the kite higher in the window to slow down, but otherwise I gave it a good hammering!

I had a good hour using the full length of the lake and gradually pushing harder and faster. Had a blast heading over a small (30cm) hump and bouncing around. At 9.30 stopped for morning tea - Masters Mocha Chill, a banana, no brownies but I did have a couple of hot cross buns. At this point Bones turned up with his new and very shiny buggy!

Then it was time to push on and it was quick and getting quicker - 55, 56, 58, 59.4 and then did it I cracked my personal best - 59.9kph (that is a whole 0.1kph faster)! That 60kph is elusive! Definitely no Brian Holgate!

But still it's the fastest I have been and got a whoop of joy when I saw it. Had some more runs at it to try and push it that little bit faster, but couldn't go any quicker. I did manage to get on two wheels while sliding it though!

The wind kept howling, and I could feel myself getting tired and my reflexes getting a bit slower, things were beginning to get a bit scary, so at that point called it quits and headed home..

I did use GPSLogbooks today and you can see my course here - kite buggying at lake Walyungup and the cool thing was I got a message from Gav from extreme kites to say that he was watching it live! A fantastic 3 hours in the buggy.

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