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Sunday, 4 March 2012

Come fly with me...

I have persuaded my wife to let me get another kite for my Birthday, something for those low wind days to compliment the 5m Ozone Flow and my 3m Peter Lynn Core - so I have a second hand 8.5m Flexifoil Blade III on it's way -

I'm just glad she hasn't seen this video...



  1. how you find the 8.5 blade in strong wind ,for a beginner

    p.s nice blog you have hope too meet you soon
    by from crazy cris

    1. Hi Cris,

      You would be crazy to fly an 8.5m Blade as a beginner in high winds. This is definitely a low wind kite - and because of it's size is pretty slow to turn, but has loads of potential for lift, as you see in the video. Personally I wouldn't recommend a blade for a newbie as they are known to bite!

      The Flow is a great beginners kite, very stable, powerful and great fun.

      I haven't got my blade yet - should arrive this week, but have flown them in the past


  2. Chap in the video is a pro kite surfer, first time in the buggy and they give him a well powered up blade.

    Asking for trouble. Hope ya enjoy the blade mate, tempted to go try my new blade out today.